Facebook Algorithm Change 2018

Facebook’s changing – so now what?

Businesses who engage on Facebook are asking us about the new algorithm change, and what it means for them. In plain English, Facebook wants to encourage more personal engagement. And while it’s going to take a few months before we know all of the ins and outs about the algorithm upgrade, here’s a great article about what to expect and tips for increasing your exposure.

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Schweitzer marketer takes his work to the high places

Schweitzer Marketing Director Sean MirusWhat goes in to becoming a successful marketer? We get that question from clients. The answer is that, as with any undertaking, hard work and natural interest and the curiosity that inspires learning are the foundation. But the skill set required for good marketing can develop from a wide range of experiences. Here’s a great case in point: Schweitzer Marketing Director Sean Mirus. Check this insightful profile of Mirus’ path to marketing, just published on SlopeFillers, a ski resort marketing blog by Gregg Blanchard.

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Sandpoint Magazine’s Summer 2017 issue is here!

The new issue of Sandpoint Magazine just hit the streets Friday, and it’s already creating a buzz with its incredible cover kayaking photo taken by Woods Wheatcroft. Inside this summer’s issue, get inspired to take a kayaking venture of your own after reading the feature article “Circumnavigating magnificence” that follows a five-day camping and paddling trip with a group of friends around Lake Pend Oreille. Check it out!

What’s up on the Internet: The annual review of trends

An Internet trends guru, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, gave her annual assessment on May 31 at the Code Conference in California. For trend observers, here are some takeaways of major Internet trends:

  • Smartphone use has slowed. In 2015, smartphone shipments grew by 10 percent; last year, the growth declined to 3 percent. This mirrors continued slowing of growth in Internet use.
  • Why type when you can talk? Voice is replacing typing in online queries, especially those made with mobile devices. Some 20 percent of mobile queries were made via voice in last year. Accuracy of voice is now about 95 percent.
  • Internet is replacing television. In just 10 years, Netflix has grown from zero to more than 30 percent of home entertainment revenue in the U.S. Meanwhile, TV viewership continues to decline.
  • Immigrants are powering tech companies. Last year in the U.S. a tally showed 60 percent of the most highly valued tech companies were founded by first- or second-generation Americans; collectively they employ about 1.5 million people. Those tech companies include such giants as Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook.

For much more in-depth info from her annual analysis click to see the slideshow from her talk (355 slides).

‘Keokee presses past quarter century’ looks at our history

25 yearsKeokee hit its silver anniversary in May, marking the 25th year since the company began on a shoestring in May 1990. Way back then a reporter at the local Daily Bee named David Gunter wrote a “new business” story about our startup. Twenty-five years later, lo, the same David Gunter wrote up a story for the May 31, 2015 Daily Bee on Keokee’s first quarter century. It’s a profile of our company founder and bit of a history about how Keokee got started. You can blame it on the earthquake.
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Setting Up Your Email


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E-mail: We can’t live without it in today’s world. It’s important to set it up right – from the get-go. E-mail setup is something many of our clients ask for help with, and here are some step-by-step instructions for the most popular e-mail clients. We hope this helps, but if you need more assistance, don’t be shy about asking for it!
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Summer ’14 Sandpoint Magazine is out + bonus video!

The new summer issue of Sandpoint Magazine hit the streets on Friday, May 16, and (if we don’t say so ourselves) it is packed with excellent stories, photos and art about Sandpoint and our neck of these North Idaho woods. The magazine is distributed at more than 200 locations around the region; big distribution points in Sandpoint are at Yokes, Safeway and Super 1 Foods; the Greater Sandpoint Chamber; and downtown at the Cedar Street Bridge; and a passel of retail shops.

Go, pick it up! Or click now to check it online at SandpointMagazine.com »

In this issue:

  • Trains All about the iron horse that gallops steadily through the area: train history, saving our depot, the Amtrak experience, railfans, coal and oil, train dangers
  • Ethan and His Treehouse His bicycle-powered elevator goes viral as worldwide interest spreads
  • Pictured in History Sir Edmund Hillary visits Sunnyside and the Hawkins family in 1981
  • Going Global Quest Aircraft Company spreads its wings as the KODIAK gains popularity
  • Knowing Nature Artist and naturalist Karen Robinson paints what she loves
  • A Tale of Two Rivers After decades of change, the Kootenai and Clark Fork are being reclaimed Alpacas The “other camelid” figures large in local agriculture
  • Blazing a Trail in the Panhandle Hiking the Pacific Northwest Trail.
  • PLUS: Wilderness, 50 years later Losing Coldwater Creek Major employer – and contributor Among the Kalispels Excerpt from “Inland Salish Journey” In the Footsteps of Dorothea Lange The search to find Bonner County families photographed in 1939

Finally, with each edition of our biannual magazine we like to launch with a publication party – in summer it coincides with the kickoff parade for Lost in the 50s. Here’s a peek:

This project is for the birds. Really is.

Osprey and 'geegle' cams

Top, the osprey checks the nest platform at Sandpoint’s Memorial Field; below, mother goose on her eggs in the eagle nest at Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge.

One of the “most fun” projects we have carried out with our own publications the last couple years has been the osprey and eagle cams we stream live onto our community portal website, SandpointOnline.com. Two years ago in partnership with the City of Sandpoint, Avista and Northland Communications we placed a web cam on an osprey nest at the Sandpoint Memorial Field; it proved immensely popular as people were able to watch the ospreys build their nest, lay two eggs and successfully hatch and rear one chick. Last year, however, the cam produced a surprise, as geese took over the nest and prevented the osprey from using it. The geese provided an interesting show of their own, including a dramatic scene when the baby goslings hatched and then had to leap down from the 100-foot-tall nest. Meantime, also last year we worked with the Friends of Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge to stream a cam they had placed on an eagle nest at the refuge, but again with an unexpected result; the eagles laid two eggs but neither hatched.
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Nine elements for a smart home page design

Elements of good Web designI read a comment recently: “People don’t look at websites, they use websites.” As a web designer, I often find myself very concerned with the overall visual appearance of a website: Is it clean enough? Do the fonts look nice? Is it attractive?

While these things are important, I often have to remind myself that this quote is absolutely correct. Websites are not (usually) pieces of art to be admired; websites exist primarily to connect to users or visitors with a product, service or some kind of information they’re interested in acquiring. The most important thing a website should do is Continue reading