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A little backstory on ‘Eats & Drinks’

Eats-DrinksThe new Summer 2013 Eats & Drinks Pocket Guide is out and in distribution around town. This is a product we developed about six years ago in response to a need by both visitors to town looking for good places to eat, and the restaurants who want to connect to those hungry folks.

It’s our attempt to give restaurants a way to leverage their advertising dollars by providing multi-platform but targeted marketing vehicles. (It doesn’t hurt that we all here enjoy the active and rich culinary scene Sandpoint’s terrific restaurateurs produce for our town.) Interestingly though, the Pocket Guide arose not because restaurants were asking us for it but rather as a direct response to the local hotels where we distribute Sandpoint Magazine, after several told us Continue reading

Free WordPress Plugin: Responsive Image Widget

by Benjamin Robinson

Here is the first freely available plugin we’ve produced! We developed this for the new Living Litehouse blog, but it can be useful in many WordPress deployments.

screenshotThis is a very simple WordPress widget that displays a single responsive, rationally proportional image in a widget area. It helps make adding images with accurate proportions to sidebar areas quick and easy, and thus avoid a stretched or distorted appearance — without requiring any knowledge of HTML or even an image editing program.

Its key feature is that it allows proportional adjustment on the fly, so the user can easily change the proportion of the image inside of WordPress, instead of needing to resize the image in an editor (a problem for many WordPress users who do not have a lot of experience resizing/cropping images, or who simply don’t have image editing software available.) Continue reading

How Instagram is Killing Vine

A few weeks ago at a press event at Facebook’s headquarters, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced a new feature called “Video On Instagram.” It allows users to create 15-second videos on their smart phones, edit using 13 new filters, and share the results on different social networks. It’s part of a new trend among marketers to use “micro” video clips of only a few seconds, and is effectively the Instagram response to Twitter’s new Vine micro-video appraising the question as to which service is superior? Continue reading