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Schweitzer marketer takes his work to the high places

Schweitzer Marketing Director Sean MirusWhat goes in to becoming a successful marketer? We get that question from clients. The answer is that, as with any undertaking, hard work and natural interest and the curiosity that inspires learning are the foundation. But the skill set required for good marketing can develop from a wide range of experiences. Here’s a great case in point: Schweitzer Marketing Director Sean Mirus. Check this insightful profile of Mirus’ path to marketing, just published on SlopeFillers, a ski resort marketing blog by Gregg Blanchard.

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Sandpoint Magazine’s Summer 2017 issue is here!

The new issue of Sandpoint Magazine just hit the streets Friday, and it’s already creating a buzz with its incredible cover kayaking photo taken by Woods Wheatcroft. Inside this summer’s issue, get inspired to take a kayaking venture of your own after reading the feature article “Circumnavigating magnificence” that follows a five-day camping and paddling trip with a group of friends around Lake Pend Oreille. Check it out!

What’s up on the Internet: The annual review of trends

An Internet trends guru, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, gave her annual assessment on May 31 at the Code Conference in California. For trend observers, here are some takeaways of major Internet trends:

  • Smartphone use has slowed. In 2015, smartphone shipments grew by 10 percent; last year, the growth declined to 3 percent. This mirrors continued slowing of growth in Internet use.
  • Why type when you can talk? Voice is replacing typing in online queries, especially those made with mobile devices. Some 20 percent of mobile queries were made via voice in last year. Accuracy of voice is now about 95 percent.
  • Internet is replacing television. In just 10 years, Netflix has grown from zero to more than 30 percent of home entertainment revenue in the U.S. Meanwhile, TV viewership continues to decline.
  • Immigrants are powering tech companies. Last year in the U.S. a tally showed 60 percent of the most highly valued tech companies were founded by first- or second-generation Americans; collectively they employ about 1.5 million people. Those tech companies include such giants as Apple, Alphabet, Amazon and Facebook.

For much more in-depth info from her annual analysis click to see the slideshow from her talk (355 slides).

So young, yet so old (in Internet years)

Here’s a bit of interesting lore (for the Internet-minded): a copy of one of the very first web pages, used as a demo at a computing conference in 1991 about a year after the initial introduction of hypertext markup language – in other words, the invention of the World Wide Web. You can see it here:

The very first web page ever made has not been found, though NPR put out a call for people to check their hard drives for it. So it may show up.

SptOnlineScreenshot1996This brings to mind our own first efforts on the Web. We started our website in December 1995, with some pages we called “Sandpoint Online” as an adjunct to Sandpoint Magazine. Alas, like the guys who invented it all, we don’t have a copy of our very first Sandpoint Online with its large (but stylish, of course) yellow buttons, unless it is stuffed on some old hard drive still hanging around our offices. But here is the second version we came up with, in late 1996 or 1997. Click on it for a closer look. These days of course is a tad heftier with thousands of pages, photos, interactive features like the Classified Ads, our real-time raptor web cams and more. But we still pursue the basic idea: to make a cyber community for our fave town.

By the way: is our town’s most heavily visited website. If you have a local business that is not represented, you are missing one of your most cost-effective marketing resources (at any price; basic listings in the business directories are free). Get more information»