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Nine elements for a smart home page design

Elements of good Web designI read a comment recently: “People don’t look at websites, they use websites.” As a web designer, I often find myself very concerned with the overall visual appearance of a website: Is it clean enough? Do the fonts look nice? Is it attractive?

While these things are important, I often have to remind myself that this quote is absolutely correct. Websites are not (usually) pieces of art to be admired; websites exist primarily to connect to users or visitors with a product, service or some kind of information they’re interested in acquiring. The most important thing a website should do is Continue reading

Getting Started with WordPress: Images & Media

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbby Benjamin Robinson

In our first two “Getting Started with WordPress” tutorials, we covered logging into WordPress, and working with text content in your posts and pages. In this third installment we’ll tell how to add pictures, galleries and videos. (For our first two tutorials, go to our WordPress Resources page.)

Adding pictures and video is still very easy to do in WordPress, but there are a few tricky things you’ll need to be aware of. Continue reading

Free WordPress Plugin: Responsive Image Widget

by Benjamin Robinson

Here is the first freely available plugin we’ve produced! We developed this for the new Living Litehouse blog, but it can be useful in many WordPress deployments.

screenshotThis is a very simple WordPress widget that displays a single responsive, rationally proportional image in a widget area. It helps make adding images with accurate proportions to sidebar areas quick and easy, and thus avoid a stretched or distorted appearance — without requiring any knowledge of HTML or even an image editing program.

Its key feature is that it allows proportional adjustment on the fly, so the user can easily change the proportion of the image inside of WordPress, instead of needing to resize the image in an editor (a problem for many WordPress users who do not have a lot of experience resizing/cropping images, or who simply don’t have image editing software available.) Continue reading

Five WordPress Plugins We Love

By Benjamin Robinson

We build many sites in WordPress. Plugins are little third-party WordPress applications that can provide a quick and inexpensive way to solve problems and provide complex functionality without incurring the cost of custom programming. While it can slow a site down and cause problems to have too many plugins installed (plugins are all built by different authors at different times — conflicts between them are common) there are a number of plugins that provide some really neat effects and functionality, and almost always work great. Continue reading

Getting Started with WordPress: Posts & Pages

by Benjamin Robinson

If you missed it, make sure you check out the Introduction post.

There are two primary content building blocks in WordPress: Posts & Pages. Understanding the difference between how they’re intended to be used will help you to correctly decide which is appropriate for new content that you want to add to your website, and to help you determine where current content might be stored so you can edit it.

Pages vs. Posts

Here is a simple explanation of the two: Continue reading