Don’t Trust AI to Write Your Website or Blog Content

Does it feel like AI-written content is suddenly everywhere? It’s in the news, it’s on Google, it’s being added to social media. We’re in the midst of an AI craze! So it’s easy to understand why it would be tempting to take advantage of the seemingly easy solutions AI offers.


Can we be honest with you though? You’re probably already using AI without thinking about it.


  • If you’re running ads on search or social, there’s an AI program in the background finding the people you want to get in front of, and trying to serve them the right headline and description to convince them to click on your ad. 
  • When your phone opens with facial recognition, you’re using AI.
  • If you take advantage of any sort of spelling or grammatical editor, you’re using AI.


AI isn’t suddenly everywhere – it was already pervasive. We just weren’t calling the technology by its name. 


But now that we’re hearing about it constantly, and being served up newer and easier ways to automate nearly everything, it is more and more tempting to take advantage of AI. Especially when it comes to things that feel like difficult tasks – writing content for your website or blog for example. 


Instead of sitting in front of a blank word document, watching a cursor blink at you for hours, you can hop on over to your favorite GPT model, tell it a handful of instructions, and watch it quickly respond with the content you think you are looking for.


But here’s the thing: AI content is terrible. 


No, really. It’s bad and it’s only getting worse. You see, AI trains on what’s available, and as more of what’s available becomes written by AI, it starts training on itself and breaks


Also, ChatGPT can’t tell you a joke. It has no sense of humor. And even worse than that, it has no empathy.


Empathy is what turns readers into leads. Empathy is what makes humans follow your call to action. If your website content can’t convey that, you aren’t going to convert many people. 


AI can’t write the way humans write.

Google has a way of evaluating content it calls EEAT: Experience. Expertise. Authoritativeness. Trustworthiness. It looks at your website’s content, determines how well it stacks up to these four points, and serves it up in search engine result pages (or SERPs) based on how well your content provides these four things. 


AI has no experience, it only borrows from others’. 

Our writers have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of hours of experience writing content. 


AI is not an expert, and it continually has given false information.

Our writers not only have our own expertise, but we know how to interview you in such a way that we can pull your expertise and share it in a concise way, tailored to your target audience. And it’s totally painless for you.


AI can’t be an authority on something it has no experience or expertise in. 

Our writers know how to craft an authoritative presence for you through your website copy and blog content.


AI-written content isn’t trustworthy.

But you can trust that our writers know how to prove your website content, and by extension, your business, is trustworthy.



Hopefully this helps you better understand the pros and cons of AI, and when to not fall into its trap, especially for your business. Our team here at Keokee has decades of experience writing website copy, blog posts, downloadables, and marketing collateral packages for contractors and remodelers.

If you’re ready to have a team of experts behind your business that know how to write content with experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, reach out to us to learn more.