Keokee contractor marketing webinar series

Attract and Convert: Your Foundation for Marketing Success

In this webinar, we lay out the foundational elements of a successful marketing strategy. With the end goal being better leads, not just more leads, your marketing strategy needs to go beyond the usual outreach efforts. It is important to assess if your brand and website represent the jobs you want to be bringing in. In order to attract and convert the right people at the right time, they need to like what they see once they get there.

This webinar covers:

  • The simple guiding principle of a successful marketing strategy
  • How your brand and website affect your marketing results
  • The framework your website should follow to become a lead-generating machine
  • The Relevancy and Attention Formula 
  • Developing a customer persona to zone in on your target audience and the leads that are right for you
  • How to narrow down your marketing mix to the channels that make the most sense for you and your audience
  • How to cut through the noise and establish yourself as an authority