Are you leaving money on the table?

The leads you are bringing in are telling a story. It's up to you to listen.

A Closed-Loop System will help you manage your prospective clients and achieve your financial targets by using data and insights to connect sales reporting to marketing activities and assets.

It’s important to examine where your leads came from and how they engaged with your website, in addition to analyzing which leads converted and why. By taking a closer look at your lead cycle, you can better understand what works in your marketing strategy and what doesn’t. This allows you to make educated changes to your marketing to bring in more of the jobs you want and ultimately improve your profit margins.

Here at Keokee, we want to help you close that loop. This downloadable will guide you to:

  • Create a Master Financial Plan identifying financial targets
  • Use your Profit and Loss Statement to create your top-line forecasts and actuals
  • Create supporting tracking tools that will roll up information into the next planning cycle
  • And more!

It’s never too late to close the loop. Get one step closer with the Keokee Contractor Marketing Lead Management downloadable today.

Lead Management Downloadable

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