Do I Really Need A New Website?

Do I really need a new website? I’m sure you’ve found yourself asking this question over the last few years. You think it looks fine; it lists your services, showcases a few iPhone captured project pictures, has a little paragraph telling your story, and it even has a 10 year old picture of you on there somewhere. So why invest all the money to build a new one?

Here’s the reality: your existing website could be costing you tens, if not hundreds of site visitors each month. We’re talking local folks — customers looking for “design-build contractors near me” or “kitchen remodel (your location)”. How do we know that?

We’ll show you.

The Problem

A “good enough” website that wasn’t

A few months ago, the owner of Springs Home Improvement came to us looking for a fresh look. His branding and website did not reflect the type of work he was looking for, nor the work he was currently doing.

Springs Home Improvement’s website home page before the redesign.

In the online marketing world, we talk a lot about first impressions. What is your first impression when you land on this home page? Handyman. Smaller projects. Quick tuneups.

That fit Springs Home Improvement 5-10 years ago, but not today. Now they are focused on larger remodeling projects — primarily kitchens and bathrooms.

The Solution

A New Website & Brand System

We set out to give Springs Home Improvement a fresh new look, one that would resonate with the clients that they wanted to attract: homeowners looking for a higher-end, design-build remodeler who could guide them seamlessly from planning to completion.

Most importantly, they wanted to convey a sense of trust and stability to their potential clients, to help set them apart from the competition — as well as the contractor horror stories that many homeowners have experienced at one time or another. Plus, they wanted to impart a sense of creativity and freshness to their brand, since every home remodeling project is as unique as the individual homeowner and requires a novel approach.

We gave them all this, along with a responsive WordPress website, built on solid SEO principles.

The Results

Better Website = Better Traffic

Remember those tens to hundreds of lost website visitors we mentioned earlier? Here’s what we meant. From March 1 to May 15, prior to the launch of the new website, Springs Home Improvement brought in 135 users. From June 1 to August 15, after the launch of the new website, Springs Home Improvement brought in 346 users.

It’s also worth noting the difference in traffic quality between these two time frames. Look at the difference in keyword ranking (Pos.) and the percentage of traffic coming from that keyword (Traffic %) between April and July:

Springs Home Improvement – April 2020 Rankings

Springs Home Improvement – July 2020 Rankings

In April, over 50% of their organic traffic was coming from branded searches. In July, their traffic was nicely spread out amongst high-quality search queries that are all location specific. This was all done without any gimmicky backlink building tactics or other blackhat SEO tricks. The combination of proper on-page SEO and a beautiful looking brand/website made all the difference.

The question then becomes: How much traffic are you missing out on with an outdated website and a misaligned brand?