Summer Sandpoint Magazine stirs it up


Our new Summer 2013 Sandpoint Magazine hit the street on May 16, and feedback has been very positive. Our cover story on wolves kicked off a robust Facebook argument about the reintroduction of these apex predators in the Northwest – as we hoped it would, in fact, because we think the discussion is healthy for all sides to understand one another’s point of view.

As we put together this issue, the decision to play wolves for our cover story kicked off a good discussion right here in our office. On the one hand the topic is more serious than many of the recreation and lifestyle pieces we’ve had on our cover over the years. But on the other hand, it’s our goal to edit Sandpoint Magazine to be of interest to both local readers and visitors. The wolf story sure fits that criteria, as a prime attraction here for both groups is our wild and natural assets. Wolves – thrilling for some, infuriating for others – are surely as wild as they come, and are yet one more thing that make Sandpoint and northern Idaho unique in the nation. And the journalism in this story by writer Cate Huisman is top-flight.

We’ll distribute 30,000 copies of this summer’s Sandpoint Magazine at about 200 retail locations around the region. For those who like numbers, at 140 pages the magazine is 6% larger than last summer and 17% larger than our winter issue – trends we like! If you can’t pick one up, read it online at If you want to add or read the discussion, click to this post on our Facebook page. It has gone a bit viral as people have liked, shared and commented – currently, nearly 14,000 people have viewed this post.

Now we start work on our next, Winter Sandpoint Magazine, published November 1. The numbers, engagement, quality, value – those are just the facts when we say it’s the most powerful marketing tool for any business in Sandpoint. See more on our Advertise page»

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