Paid Search

Apple’s New IOS 14 and Its Impact on Digital Advertising
In September 2020, Apple released IOS 14, which brought changes, such as giving Apple users an easier way to opt out of data sharing every time they download an app.  These changes can have a huge impact on your advertising...
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5 Questions To Ask Before Starting A Paid Search Campaign
Paid Search (Google/Bing Ads) is one of the quickest ways to generate quality leads for your contractor business. Google and Microsoft have spent millions of dollars over the last two decades to improve these tools and make it easy for...
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How Paid Search Can Help Guide SEO
Paid search (i.e. Google and Bings Ads) is a popular inbound marketing strategy used by contractors throughout the United States. It gives you an unprecedented opportunity to instantly reach customers searching for "remodeling contractors near me", "(your city) kitchen remodeling",...
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