Are those QR codes effective, or not?
Go ahead, scan. We bet you'll skip it. QR codes, those scrambled-egg bar codes that appear on advertisements or packaging for smart phone users to scan and see a web page, are getting the heave-ho by many marketers. As they...
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5 Steps to Get Started with Social Media
by Katie Kosaya Social media for small businesses is mainly about building brand awareness and encouraging engagement with leads and customers, but it should have a direct impact on your bottom line, too. Social media presence can help you achieve...
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Summer Sandpoint Magazine stirs it up
Our new Summer 2013 Sandpoint Magazine hit the street on May 16, and feedback has been very positive. Our cover story on wolves kicked off a robust Facebook argument about the reintroduction of these apex predators in the Northwest -...
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So young, yet so old (in Internet years)
Here's a bit of interesting lore (for the Internet-minded): a copy of one of the very first web pages, used as a demo at a computing conference in 1991 about a year after the initial introduction of hypertext markup language...
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